Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The pride of Orissa

Although this category has loads of stuff that can be mentioned, one important thing worth mentioning about Orissa are its historical monuments. There are numerous such remnants which keep alive the culture and history of Orissa and some of these are Rajkanika Palace, Dhenkanal Palace, and Brundaban Palace. The Odisha Samaya provides the latest Oriya news live about these historical places. In this post, we will talk about two of the aforementioned palaces and their history and features.

The Rajkanika Palace in Orissa news

This palace has been constructed in 1909 and has been the pride of Orissa ever since. The main objective of building this palace was to create employment opportunities for people living at that time and this objective was successfully fulfilled. The amazing thing about this place was that this was conceptualized and its foundation was laid by a British architect and still it has become a symbol of the history and culture of Orissa. Also, the British expert has constructed the palace keeping in mind all those things that symbolize the Indian traditions and this palace is no different from other such palaces constructed by Indians. This palace also has a museum which often comes up in latest Orissa news for its rare pictures and antiques collection.

Oriya news about the Dhenkanal Palace

This is the only fort-palace in Orissa and it has survived numerous wars and attacks wrought on the state. In fact, the objective of building this palace was to be able to locate the enemies and analyze their movement during periods of unrest. This was built in the latter part of the 19th century and one can look at the entire city from the top of this palace. This palace too has a number of paintings and items such as swords which speak volumes about the time during which it was built. Today, the palace is used as a guest house; however, the essence and soul of the palace has not been lost and it still bears witness to the history of Orissa. Of special note is the royal library which holds a vast array of books from different parts of the world.

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