Monday, August 10, 2015

The last rites of the ex-president: Oriya News

On Monday, 27th July, 2015; the greatest Indian scientist and Nuclear Physicist APJ Abdul Kalam passed away out of cardiac arrest. Odisha news mourns on his death; no doubt it’s a national loss as the admired, inspired and respectable scientist passes away on Monday. He is said to be the modern Albert Einstein, who did a very eminent contribution to the world. This man loved and cherished self-discipline, dedication and devotion.

Orissa news records the fact that he was a very cordial, humble ad completely down to the earth person. He was completely a wise person in contrast and concession of his status and education level. His empathetic appeal is the something which is endeared by all the people of the Indian sub-continent. Sibaji Raha, the director of Bose Institute and internationally acclaimed persona recalled the fact, that it was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s humble persona and self-disciplined attitude is his benchmark for practicing scientists.

Kalam was committed to his profession and gave 100% to his profession as well as education. It is being declared October 15th the Student’s Day, as the birthday day of APJ Abdul Kalam. It’s his teaching; his principles, his thoughts and his mind which is a symbol of hope and the guiding light to all the aspiring scientists. Odisha news salutes his life, his ideas, his focus and his way of leading the life.

The former president died while giving lecture in the IIM Shillong. The cricketers are mourning over this missile man. This great personality died at the age of 83; he was delivering lecture to the IIM students when he became ill and was immediately taken to the Shillong hospital, but, unfortunately declared dead. The whole nation is sad and regrets the sudden loss of such an eminent personality. He is compared to Albert Einstein; Einstein use to reply to almost all the letters he used to receive. Orissa news is bringing the news of this great man forward.

The well known Human Development Resource minister (HRD) Smriti Irani paid homage to this great man. Odisha news is updating the recent news coverage of this great persona. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, and two other service chief who were on the receiving end in Delhi of his mortal self.

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