Monday, September 21, 2015

Mother Dairy outruns Maggi in the race of contamination

It is just not the junk food; even the necessary commodities are on the track of getting contaminated with detergent products. The Mother Dairy has broken the track record of being contaminated with detergent as well as other harmful elements. According to the Orissa news service, the chief of FDA department has reported the fact that the Mother Dairy is found with the percentage of detergent along with urea and oil. The two samples of milk which has been used for the experimentation procedure hails from Bal Tehsil and it is 70 kms from the Agra city. Bal Tehsil has loads of the mother dairy centers.

Odisha news is covering the updated new report of Mother Dairy. The samples were even sent to the Lucknow and the Kolkata laboratories where it is found malfunctioning. The Kolkata laboratory has even found the sample to be contaminated with the required detergent and other types of unknown contaminations. The Mother Dairy found the samples to be substandard and the pouches completely filled with the contaminated detergent. The samples are collected from the village level and the mother dairy company is quite in a state of shock.

According to Orissa news, the Mother Dairy company goes through a four level of thorough testing. They are claiming that such a rate of contamination is not possible. The testing course of action engages in testing at input, processing as well as dispatches at the market level. The Mother Dairy company is passing through 23 rigorous quality tests and through these flexible tests; any contamination is bound to be found out. The deviations are bound to be caught in defined parameters. But, according to the UP Food and Drug Administration the fact is something odd.

The Mother dairy is definitely under the infrared ray scrutiny level; they are claiming to be cent percent responsible and disciplined. According to top Odisha news, the officials of Mother Dairy have worked on the samples and pouches and are completely flabbergasted for such results. They are claiming that Mother Dairy maintains the protocols and other factors which determine the quality of these pouches and packets of milk.

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